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Step 1. The Basics

You'll be able to add more information later.

You can choose as many that apply to your needs at any given time

This will be displayed publicly for those who may need to get in touch. We need at least one of these and would recommend an email address or your website.

Add another contact option

Uploading your logo is completely optional. However, by uploading your logo, you'll be randomly featured across the website for example, on the home page.

Step 2. Location

This bit is really important as it's what our system uses to plot your project on the map. It can be as generic as you wish (we understand some projects need some levels of discretion).

After clicking "Search", a pink marker will be plotted on the map - this is the location of your project. To move the marker, just left-click anywhere on the map.

Step 3. Your Account

Step 4. Our Terms of Service

(In Plain English)

Usually this is where you would see lots of Legal 'Jargon', lots of words that ​that cause confusion and probably don't mean a lot to you. We want to be different. (However there is a page with all of that on if you really want to read it - Click Here)

By adding your project to Ododow™ you are agreeing to the following:

I understand that this is a free information site for anyone to access the information that I am providing on behalf of our project*.
I agree that the information that I am providing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.
I agree to update the project information if it changes.
I acknowledge that the contact details I provide will be made public (unless specifically stated otherwise by us).
I confirm that the information that I provide is free from any 'x' rated materials.
I understand that our map pin-point can be removed at any point by The Team at Ododow™ without warning.
I acknowledge that I possess common sense and know how to use it effectively :)
Projects* = all charities, Non-profits and community projects or similar that provide a free or low cost service to people in the community.

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