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Community Project

ROC Dawlish

"Connecting Local People to Build a Safer, Kinder Community"

ROC (Redeeming Our Communities) Dawlish is a fresh new way to link up local 'people of goodwill'. Working together like this we can get things done to build a safer, kinder community.


It's not an organisation, or another committee, but an inclusive action group that's open to new people who are willing to collaborate with local churches, charities and public agencies to bring about social transformation for the benefit of local people.

Safer, Kinder Communities

ROC’s mission is to increase community resilience by inspiring and supporting groupsto work together.

ROC achieves this by:

  • Connecting local community members, volunteers & statutory agencies
  • Celebrating all the good things taking place in our community
  • Raising awareness of the current needs of our community
  • Exploring potential solutions and resources required to meet current needs
  • Creating a network of people passionate about improving our community
  • Identifying & utilising existing skillsets and resources in our community
  • Kick-starting new projects in our community

ROC is now established with projects in many towns and cities in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.


ROC partnerships are formed between local community groups, statutory agencies andchurches. This is what makes our work unique and sustainable.

A Few Words from Debra Green OBE, Executive Director & Founder of ROC

Sometimes the need we see around us is overwhelming and we may even feel that our contribution could make little difference.  However, as Edmund Burke said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” and this is why we want to redeem communities across the UK.

In 1994 as I reflected on the needs of the city of my birth I wrote these words:
“In our dreams and visions we see crime rates dropping, violence decreasing, drug dealers disappearing, prostitution declining and apathy diminishing.  We see business booming, housing improving, schools flourishing and hope rising. “

We have seen all these things in some measure and the work we do has spread across the UK, but there is still so much more we can do together to build safer, kinder communities for the sake of the next generation.

Can you help us?

We've already seen 140 local people come together at our ROC Conversation and we hold regular action group meetings, which are positive and encouraging times when we get things done. Why not come along? You could bring your expertise, enthusiasm and local contacts into the vibrant mix of people we are already working together with.


So, come and join in, whether you are a community leader, spokesperson for an organisation or concerned local citizen, ROC Dawlish could be for you.

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Additional Information

Next Meeting: Monday 23rd April - 7pm-9pm - The Strand Centre Dawlish - Open to Everyone - You'll be most welcome.

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