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Blaenavon ROC Conversation

"People of goodwill working together for safer, kinder communities."

So whose responsibility is it?
Which agency, department, charity, officials or residents are responsible for community?
What makes your community the way it is?
Do we thank those who contribute the bits we like as much as we complain aboutthose who don’t?
Who decides what’s acceptable and what’s not?
Who can change our community into a better place?
Lotsof questions and no easy answers.
Let us help. 
Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) has considerable experience of hosting ’ROCConversations’ having conducted over 160 of them across the UK. Debra GreenOBE, National Director of ROC explains “The two hour event is both simple andeffective. We bring statutory agencies, key community individuals and membersof community groups together to celebrate the good work taking place in thecommunity.  Between us, we then determine where any gaps in provision maybe and, critically, see what each person present can offer to bridge the gap.The conversation always leads to action … and positive change in the localcommunity.

Join our ROC Conversation

Can you help us?

Join our ROC Conversation at Blaenavon! 

or Tavistock

or Taunton Dean

or Aylesbury

or somewhere very close to you

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Check out https://roc.uk.com/events/   to find a local Conversation or contact us at infor@roc.uk.com to host your own

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Bethlehem Chapel, Broad Street, Blaenavon, Pontypool, Tor-Faen, Wales NP4 9ND, United Kingdom