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Outdoor Muckers

"To empower people to help themselves out of homelessness with facilitation of vocational training"
We raise funds in various ways to provide complete bursaries to cover the costs of vocational training, empowering people experiencing homelessness to gain qualifications in outdoors related careers.

We promote the values and power of friendship and nature as vital to the success of any "project" because we believe that "connectedness" (to oneself, to genuine friendship, and to our natural world) is essential for a persons health and well being, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Everybody needs somebody and when a person feels valued and cared about they are more likely to embrace opportunity to help themselves and to create lasting change in their lives too.

Can you help us?

Homelessness is more than just being roofless. We live in a society that is imbalanced and disconnected.  Let's stand up and start seeing the potential in every person. 

Homeless is NOT a label. It's an experience. An isolating and degrading experience that nobody should have to endure. People need a hand-up not a hand-out and to be given the chance to stand on their own two feet again, and to be able to take back control of their own lives.

So please do come along, join our new community and share your friendship, your skills and your knowledge.... because someone out there needs your help right now.

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We believe also in supporting the British economy so we work with local businesses, coaches, mentors, suppliers and providers so please be sure to join our community as a business member and lets get connecting with a view to working together.

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