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Charity (no. 701259)

Citizens Advice Nottingham & District

"Our goal is to help everyone find a way forward, whatever problem they face"

Who We Are

At Citizens Advice Nottingham and District we can give you free confidential, impartial and independent advice and information on a wide range of subjects. We can work with you  to sort out your debt problems and claim all the benefits you may be entitled to.

We can advise on housing and employment problems, or deal with queries about consumer or tax issues. We can advise on legal matters, answer basic questions about immigration, and we have lots of experience on family and personal matters too.

We are a charity, dependent on a workforce of paid staff and trained volunteers.


We speak up for change in social policies; from our clients' experiences we can see where services and policies are failing. We call this work "Campaigning for Change".


We are a member of the national Citizens Advice service, which provides the extensive information system we use to advise clients and sets quality standards.

Our Services Are


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