The idea for If Everyone Cares and Ododow™ (Oh-Doe-Doe) started back in 2010. How often do we have ideas of things that we believe will make a difference in the world - and yet we don't take action. After a life changing training course Jaki, our founder, had an idea for creating a simple solution to the huge issue of there not being a central database of information where people could access the information to where they could find help, when they need it. Yet at the same time Google Earth existed and with just a few clicks of a button you could find a restaurant or hotel in any part of the world.

Jaki had personally experienced this lack of being able to find information and through her work she had met hundreds of clients who had experienced similar issues - often finding out at a later date that help had been available - yet no one had provided the information they needed to access it.

Along with two of her previous clients, she started work on creating a solution to this. 'If Everyone Cares' was born. In 2010 website was created and they started a Facebook page. Literally within 3 days they had 200 people following them - it gave them the confidence that they were 'onto something good', this was a 'service' that was needed.

Ododow™ aims to be the largest online community based project ever undertaken. The beauty of it is that everyone can become part of it, everyone can be part of the solution, everyone can start to be part of the Change that we all talk about wanting to see in the world.

'The One that Richard Branson let slip away'

In 2011 the team entered the Virgin Unite and Richard Branson challenge to 'Screw Business As Usual'. The support that they got from around the world was phenomenal and 'If Everyone Cares' was voted in to Third place by the public. Sadly though it was not the number one choice by the judging panel. Jaki and the Team like to say "That's no problem though as we know we are going to become known as 'The One that Richard Branson let slip away', and as Sir Richard would probably say - use every opportunity for publicity"