Ododow™ is currently in Beta which means features are being added all of the time. Have feedback or need help? We'd love to hear from you.

We launched Ododow in 2016 and are currently in our Beta testing phase - getting ready for the 200,000+ UK based Charities, Non-Profits and Community Projects to Add their Location and Pin-Point to The Interactive Community Map.

Everything has to start somewhere. Think about it - Google Maps was launched in 2005 and now it is probably the most used search service for finding things like restaurants, hotels etc​ with in communities across the globe.

Ododow™ - Aims to be the 'GoTo' place for Connecting Communities​ - Helping those who Need Help, Want to Help, Want to Connect & Share or want to Support their Community. It will:

  • Pin-point local charities, non-profits & community projects.
  • Connect those who need help with those who provide it
  • Sign-post those who want to help - to projects that need support
  • Encourage businesses to support projects within their local area
  • Forge stronger community links
  • Free to use - 24/7/365

Who Ododow™ Will Help

Need Help

If you have ever needed help and/or support you may have experienced how hard it can be to find when you need it most.

Ododow™ will help you to easily find what support is available within your own community - all with a few clicks of a button, 24hrs a day and free to use.

Want to Help

Have you got some spare time? Would you like to volunteer?

Many people have said that they wanted to see 'who' might need their help locally.
Ododow™ will help you to find projects* in your community that speak to your heart and match your skills/abilities/likes

Connect & Share

Ododow™ will help existing and new projects* to connect. Encouraging them to share their experience, tools, resources, strategies and more.

Potentially helping projects to reduce running costs via strategic collaboration, avoid duplication and provide even more targeted support to those who need it.

Keep it Local

Our research showed that most businesses wanted to help locally - yet they didn't know where to find projects* that needed their support.

Ododow™ will be an ideal 'tool' to help businesses to easily locate local projects* that match their values/interests/skills all with a few clicks of a button.

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